Early June was a great moment for the game developers, especially in Surabaya. Go get what's going on the prestigious annual event for game addict, Game Development Gathering (GDG) 2015 !



"Game Developer Gathering" is a non-profit annual event for game developers and game industry practitioners in Indonesia to meet, network, share, and discuss new opportunities, design, and strategy. Many activities you can join there, such as seminars, workshops, startup clinics, showcase, and awards. Bringing the motto ofBuilding Indonesia Game Ecosystem through CollaborationGDG event is likely to be a right moment to raise public awareness about local game industry and connecting networks between game developers surround Surabaya region.


Being held in University of Ciputra, Monday (01/0/2015), this event successfully draw the attention of game developer studios. There were more than 250 attendees joined in this event, included 26 studios participated to promote their games on exhibition. Surprisingly, the participants came from various cities beyond Surabaya region, such as Malang, Bali, or even Bandung, although most dominantly they came from those who assembled in Game Developer Arek Suroboyo ( Surabayan Game Developer Community a.k.a. GADAS)


To attract the visitor, days before the event began, we created a game named Imperial Gladiator. Making a different experience of our common product, we designed it to be a multiplayer flash-based game. It can be played by 4 different players with joysticks! This game challenged the player to collect as many stars as possible, while avoiding some obstacles and knocking down the opponents.  


And see what happened during the expo? Hectic atmosphere was successfully created! The guys were so vibrant! This game made a great effect to make everyone “burned” and exposing their teeth laugh





To appreciate the participating visitor, exclusive gifts were available to grab on. There were cute mugs, pins, and lots of stickers. All these items were cleared up before the event closed.



Exclusive merchandise from Maulidan Games

We could say that GDG is prestigious event for your checklist, especially for you, game developers. You can join workshops and seminaries, or even showing up your existence! It’s a good moment to introduce about your studio’s profile to public, the product you’ve created, and many things inside! Don’t miss it!

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