About the Game

Multishop Tycoon Game lets you start and grow your company and become a food business tycoon. This is a simplified business model of the food selling shop network. Earn the optimum profit as best as you can. To make it true, try hard to make your stuff sold out every day, take advantage of the opportunity, sharpen your sales and business skill, train all your sellers, also use all promotion media.

This family-friendly game is good for children, teenagers and anyone 
who loves tycoon and business games. Do your best to become a great businessman in the city. Enjoy the game!



Key Features:

  • DIVERSE AREA. You can put your food stand in the various areas which have a diverse taste, like school, beach, station, and many more.
  • VARIOUS FOODS. You can pick what food to sell in each food stand, from popular cuisine like Pizza to more exclusive foods like Indonesian cuisine.
  • UPGRADEABLE FOOD STAND. Evolve from a normal traditional food stand into a more modern food van.
  • BUSINESS SIMULATION. Manage your food stands to keep your business running. Find the best cuisine combination in different areas and gain a profit.