Aquaculture Land is a freshwater aquafarming management game with sandbox style mechanic and 2D pixel art visual design. Players will act as a businessman that run a freshwater fish farm. They will manage all things related to fisheries, produce some high-quality commodities, fulfill the needs of customers, and diversify their business model.

Key Features:

Pond-Based Fish Environment (Sandbox Style)

You can build your own pond for fish farming. You can manage your pond condition to meet the best condition for the fishes.

Pond Equipments

To manage pond condition, you need to add some equipments such as aerator, purifier, and generator

Diverse Types of Commodities with Each of Its Unique Characteristics

You can raise many types of fishes, crustaceans, and mollusks with each of its unique characteristics to create a diversity in their farm.

Feeding Your Fish

Fish will get hungry sometimes. You can feed them to make sure they stay alive.


Worker will do the farm job for you. By default, worker will automatically do their job such as maintaining equipments, feeding fish, etc. But you can choose whether make them stay self initiative or player-directed in doing something.

Business Time

Manage your resources efficiently and produce high-quality fish, crustaceans and mollusks to keep your business running!
There are two options for you to get money. Customer order and market selling. First, you can take some order from customer that need some certain fish to be sold. Second, just check the market price statistics and look for what kind of fish that has the highest price, then raise that fish and sell it to the market.